Dosing Systems

Automated Systems

We can install fully automated systems which interface with your presses autowash facility, either dosing directly into individual print units, or from a prediluted reservoir system. This ensures that everytime a colour is changed, the anilox rolls are maintained to the highest efficiency possible.

Centralised Dosing Systems

For many years, Draychem recognised that the best way to get operators to maintain a good cleaning regime is to make life as easy as possible for them. As a result, we developed a centralised dosing system which allows the chemical to be diluted to a preset ratio and delivered to each press via a hose reel and trigger. These systems are ideal for large factories with multiple presses.

Hand Dosing Systems

Hand dosing systems are attached to a wall or suitable pillar, and are fed from your mains water supply. This venturi system dilutes the chemical to a predetermined ratio directly out of a chemical barrel.

Draychem’s Dosing Systems can be provided on a free on loan basis.

Draychem have spent many years developing our dosing systems to suit most presses and to make the maintenance of your anilox rolls as efficient as possible, at the same time reducing the time and effort required by your operators.

Draychem continues to develop systems to be as efficient and reliable as possible with the least maintenance required.

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