Auditing and Care

Draychem provide a complete service for anilox volume, wear and damage auditing, using our unique traffic light system.

Draychem can take the volumes of your anilox rolls using our CellVol volume kit. This will tell you the volume of your anilox roll in cm3/m2. We also have a 400x microscope to produce an image of the anilox cells to determine whether the cells are blocked with ink, worn or if any damage has occurred. Once the anilox audit is completed, Draychem will produce a detailed anilox report for the client.

Along with the report, your Draychem technician will advise on any course of action to be taken in respect of maintenance of the roll.

Regular auditing will be reported using the traffic light system developed by Draychem to monitor the performance and cleanliness of your anilox rolls.

Things to remember to maintain optimum cell volumes:

  • Wash the units out regularly using Draychem’s range of cleaning solutions.
  • Don’t allow the rubber roll or blades to be left in contact with the anilox roll when stopped.
  • Never leave the anilox roll inked up after printing and wash out as soon as possible.
  • Regular Anilox auditing to monitor the condition of the rolls.

Draychem are happy to assist you on the condition of your rolls whether you’re a current customer or not. Please contact us for support.